GeWu-Lab is a research group focusing on how to make the machine perceive and understand the world as our humans, especially with multimodal messages, such as vision, sound, tactile etc. GeWu (“格物” in Chinese) is taken from Book of Rites, which implies that we aim to equip the machine with the ability of learning from multiple modalities, under the direction of doing valuable contribution to the community and society. If you are interested in our lab, you can learn more via the following ways.


[26-07-2023] Two papers accepted by ACM MM.

Congrats to Guangyao, Wenxuan, Yixin and Wenke!

[14-07-2023] We won the Third Prize in Mobile Robot Grasping and Navigation Challenge.

Congrats to Xincheng and Wenke!

[14-07-2023] One paper accepted by ICCV 2023.

Congrats to Andong!

[18-05-2023] One paper accepted by Interspeech.

Congrats to Guangyao and Yixin!

[11-03-2023] Prof. Di Hu won the 2022 WuWenJun AI Excellent Young Scientist Award!

[12-03-2023] One paper accepted by ICME.

Congrats to Wenke and Xincheng!

[16-02-2023] One paper accepted by ICASSP.

Congrats to Ruize and Ruoxuan!

[01-12-2022] Prof. Di Hu was invited as the Senior PC Member in IJCAI 2023.

[25-11-2022] One paper accepted by JAG 2022.

Congrats to all the co-authors!

[13-10-2022] Two papers accepted by WACV 2022.

Congrats to all the co-authors!

[25-08-2022] We wrote an article about recent advances in audio-visual learning, Please check here!

[24-08-2022] Prof. Di Hu gave a talk @Valse 2022 in Tian Jin.

[27-07-2022] Ruoxuan join GeWu Lab as master student.

Welcome Ruoxuan!

[12-07-2022] Prof. Di Hu was invited as the Senior PC Member in AAAI 2023.

[11-07-2022] Prof. Di Hu will chair the "Audiovisual Enhancement" session in ICME 2022.

[01-06-2022] Emotional Perception Based on CyberDog was shown on 2022 BAAI conference!

Please click to get videos.

[31-05-2022] Yake gave a talk at 2022 BAAI Conference.

Please click to get slides.

[31-05-2022] Yixin participated in the 2022 Tencent AI Lab Rhino Bird Elite Talent Project.

Congrats to Yixin!

[24-05-2022] Happy first anniversary to GeWu Lab!

Happy Birthday to GeWu Lab!

[15-05-2022] Audio-Visual Navigation of Quadruped Bionic Robot was awarded the school-level project!

Congrats to all the students!

[11-03-2022] One paper accepted by TMM.

Congrats to all the co-authors!

[02-03-2022] Two papers accepted by CVPR 2022, both are ORAL presentation!

Congrats to Guangyao, Xiaokang, Yake and Andong!

[23-12-2021] Dr. Di Hu was selected for the Young Elite Scientists Sponsorship Program by CAST!

[15-12-2021] Two projects were selected for the Research Funds of Renmin University of China Sponsorship Program.

[10-12-2021] One paper accepted by TPAMI.

Congrats to Yake and other co-authors!

[01-12-2021] Two papers accepted by AAAI 2022.

Congrats to all the authors!

[28-10-2021] Dr. Di Hu won the 2021 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award of SHAANXI Province!